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About Handmade Body Care
All Handmade Body Care Skincare products contain our signature infusion of Organic Hibiscus Flowers and Bitter Orange Peel extracts to give outstanding protection from premature aging and keep your complexion clear and bright. Our products are lightly scented with delicate Ylang Ylang essential oil to drive away anxiety, sadness, and stress, nourish positive emotions, and balance masculine and feminine energies.

About Tricia McIntosh
Tricia McIntosh, the creator of Handmade Body Care, is a licensed esthetician and expert in all-natural botanical skincare and cosmetic chemistry.  She learned the pleasure of making things by hand with deep love and heartfelt positive intention (magic!) while growing up in the Caribbean.  As a teenage dancer and model she struggled with acne, and this struggle sparked her interest in skincare. Now she brings us a line of amazing all-natural skincare handcrafted with love. 

The Facial Collection

Magic Lamp  – facial cleansing oil
Your face is enchanting. Keep it ever-luminous with Magic Lamp.  Packed with nourishing essential omega fatty acids, our facial cleansing oil is formulated with a clever blend of the planet’s finest beauty-enhancing oils (Safflower, Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Hazelnut) so it defeats acne and deeply regenerates and mineralizes your skin’s cells. Like all Handmade Body Care products, Magic Lamp is infused with our signature formula of Bitter Orange Peel, (known for its miraculous skin-brightening qualities) and Hibiscus, a natural exfoliant and skin-firmer. Magic Lamp is suitable for all skin types.

Wild Potion –  tightening toner
We brewed up our hydrating Wild Potion to tighten your pores, soothe your complexion, and uplift your spirit with a sparkling aroma. Wild Potion is made with a handcrafted Hibiscus hydrosol and potent Bitter Orange Peel tincture to firm your skin, retain its natural elasticity, and keep it bright and clear from acne. Wild Potion has been carefully distilled to match skin’s own natural pH balance and serve as an effective therapy even for sensitive skin, inflamed skin, or skin with couperose.

 The Prince’s Kiss – firming hibiscus day cream
You know that thrilling, dewy-fresh- glow that comes from a truly delicious, charmed kiss? Well, we put it in a jar so you can have it any time. The Prince’s Kiss, our fragrant, lush day moisturizer, provides natural UV protection from Bitter Orange Peel infused Safflower Oil. It also draws on the power of Hibiscus (known as “the Botox plant”) to organically firm and lift the skin. The Hibiscus molecules in The Prince’s Kiss actually inhibit the action of the enzymes that break down skin’s elasticity and cause wrinkles– ensuring that you keep your youthful look long into happily ever after. That’s one sweet kiss!

Mirror Mirror – captivation anti-aging night cream
“Who’s the fairest of them all?” – we already know the answer! It’s you. Our sumptuous Mirror Mirror night cream saturates your face with anti-oxidants from Meadowfoam Seed, Apricot Kernel, and Rose Hip Oils to dramatically rejuvenate your skin and protect against premature signs of aging. Mirror Mirror also contains the soothing fragrance of Ylang Ylang to relax you and our signature blend of Hibiscus and Bitter Orange Peel extracts to firm and brighten your skin while you’re deep in dreams.

Three Wishes Enchantment Elixir – anti-aging and balancing serum
If preventing premature wrinkles, balancing your skin’s natural oils for a clear complexion, and reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation are three of your dearest wishes – then we’ve got you covered! Our Three Wishes Enchantment Elixir contains both concentrated active plant extracts and oils infused with our signature rejuvenating botanicals, Hibiscus and Bitter Orange Peel.  Facial skin drinks our Elixir right up because it’s formulated to resemble the skin’s own precious protecting sebum.

Contact Us:
For information about carrying Handmade Body Care in your spa or skincare boutique please email Tricia at Handmade Body Care dot com.